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Shady Ayeches Releases “One Minute Remaining” From Fresno County Jail

Fresno rap artist Raymond Robinson also known as “Shady Ayeches” who was arrested in one of the largest Gang Operation’s in California state history. “Operation Fly Zone,” was a huge gang sweep targeting Fresno, Ca. street organization of the “107 Hoover Crip’s” for crimes including murder, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit human trafficking.

Shady Ayeches along with 40 others including Rafer Alston Jr., son of the former NBA player known as “Skip to my Lou,” were arrested after a 6 month long investigation. While incarcerated and waiting for sentencing in the Fresno County Jail. Fashioning in the foot steps of his predecessor’s like Mac Dre and X-Raided. The 26 year old rap artist has compiled his latest body of work, recorded solely from over The Fresno County Jail phone.

A standout in the 2022 “Thizzler Cypher” aside from his crimes. Shady Ayeches has become a household name amongst the California Coast line, with his latest release “One Minute Remaining”. The album which host 10 songs featuring Insane Segall and LG is the rap artist last testament before serving the last 8 months of his sentence. Released on May 25th, the albums standout tracks include Free Shady, Big Worm and OG Bobby Johnson.

1. Intro 2. Hello Money (Featuring Insane Segall) 3. Free Shady 4. Back In A Minute 5. Big Worm 6. Way Too Fast 7. On My Way 8. My Story, Pt. 2 (Featuring LG) 9. OG Bobby Johnson (Featuring LG) 10. Outro

Shady Ayeches One Minute Remaining
Shady Ayeches One Minute Remaining


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